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Kerry is extremely knowledgeable and and warm, I have see noticeable results from the combination of peels and skin tightening services.

(Anonymous, 468 days ago)

I need to get back to Kerry and have her remove more sebaceous hyperplasia bumps. After I received treatment from her in 2014, my dermatologist wondered what happened. I told the doc that the Skin Classic is a super machine, and that I found someone who knows how to use it!! She wanted to know what it is. I wondered how dermatologists don't know about the success of this treatment---because nothing in their regular tool box works!! Kerry knows what she's doing.

(Christine C., 879 days ago)

I have been coming to Kerry for years now, and I can honestly say that if I ever had to move away from AZ, I would want to take Kerry with me! Her waxing is always a excellent, I never feel uncomfortable when I am getting a Brazilian (and those are not comfortable things to get!) Trust is a huge thing in finding the right aesthetician... I know Kerry has evaluated my skin and has all the answers for my issues. I make a monthly maintenance visit to Sofia F+W and I wouldn't miss a month! Thank you, Kerry!

(Anonymous, 1,043 days ago)

I was able to get help for sebacious hyperplasia with her skin classic. I am glad I found her! Many spas and facial places I learned, do not know much about the skin at all. I know this because they had no idea what the bumps on my face were coming from. Skip the car wash and get the right help for healthier skin! -Charles M.

(Anonymous, 1,686 days ago)

Kerri does an outstanding job of waxing. It is virtually pain free and thorough. And her sweet, warm personality makes a session fun.

(Anonymous, 1,973 days ago)

I met with Kerry (of Sofia Facials and Waxing) and Stephanie Holvick (maker of the Skin Classic treatment) on March 18th at the Scottsdale studio and had the Skin Classic treatment done by Kerry and Stephanie. They were both very professional and a pleasure to deal with. After the initial consultation, the treatment for my sebaceous hyperplasia (of which there was a fair amount of) probably only took 20 minutes. The discomfort was only minor (at least for me) and there was a slight sting with the treatment of each bump. Even if the treatment resulted in more than just minor discomfort, it would still be worth it to be rid of these bumps!

(Gerald S., 2,124 days ago)

Kerry is very very nice she makes you feel welcome and she is also very professional. I had a very good experience and I hope to come back. Annette

(Annette R., 2,267 days ago)

Sofia Facials and Waxing provides the best service in the area; no, wait, I would travel to have Kerry's services. Kerry's presence is soothing and reassuring, and she uses top-of-the-line products to assure great results. The best for me is that waxing is virtually pain-free, even in the most intimate areas. Also, the after-care products I have purchased in the salon are working as described. Thank you Kerry, for a great wax experience!

(Anonymous, 2,371 days ago)

kerry is awesome! she is very professional but at the same time makes you feel that it's all about you! she's cool and easy to work with. I love all of the different services I have had at Sofia's and will continue to enjoy my time with Kerry.

(Cathy P., 2,462 days ago)

Sofia Facials + Waxing Responds:
Cathy thank you so much. I think you are awesome too. I really appreciate the positive feedback.

Not only is Kerry the consummate professional but she is also kind and friendly. She makes time for her clients and ensures they are comfortable with her work and her technique. I've gone to her now a couple of times and will not go anywhere else - she is superb! Dave F

(Dave F., 2,532 days ago)

Sofia Facials + Waxing Responds:
Dave thank you so much for this positive review. I am so happy that you feel so comfortable with me and at my studio. Say hi to Wanda for me.

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