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IMAGE Skincare Not Just a Pretty Face!

May 19th, 2017 • Posted by Kerry Berman • Permalink


You probably know that I am a big fan of the work done by UMOM. Recently, I was delighted that when I asked IMAGE Skincare to donate dozens of their newest product — a biomolecular hydrating recovery “sheet” mask — to the UMOM organization, they were quick to say yes! I wasn’t surprised, as the company has a long history of compassion and generosity.

Natural Philanthropists

Founded by a married couple, Janna Ronert, and Mark A. Ronert, MD, – the two are passionate about giving back. Dr. Ronert started the Care for Skin Foundation, and he and his team perform pro bono plastic surgery on children suffering skin loss due to accidents, tumors, burns or genetic abnormalities in third world countries.

IMAGE founder, Janna Ronert, is an international speaker and a renowned advocate for education, public service, and promoter of healthy skin and wellness.

When not on the traveling the globe, the pair teams up with top chemists to create cutting edge treatments and formulate products from natural and curative ingredients.

In fact, the sheet mask they donated to UMOM is seven years ahead of the industry, inspired by South Korean beauty regimes! Haven’t heard about “k-beauty” sheet masks yet? I’ll let the IMAGE blog explain:

Sheet masks are simply facial fabric sheets, as the name explains, infused with a serum or gel like product that is placed directly onto the face to soak for 10-20 minutes, in order to maximise the product’s penetration and results. The fabric locks in the treatment to ensure the most effective delivery of ingredients and in under 20 minutes, you are able to see physical results like improved tone, firmness and hydration. It is perfect to use in your everyday routine at home, and an ideal addition to services in salon, such as LED treatment or facials. From the IMAGE blog (

Beautifully done!

And here’s more “beauty” from IMAGE — all the proceeds from their brand new ORMEDIC* Balancing Lip Enhancing treatment go to the Care for Skin foundation! This amazing product not only plumps your lips – it helps to reduce fine lines, with a pretty pink tint! (*ORMEDIC,® IMAGE Skincare’s revolutionary product line, is a synthesis of the purest organic ingredients combined with medical effectiveness to achieve clinically-proven results.)

May Special

Are you ready to try this super-hydrating mask? It’s the finishing touch in the Non-surgical Facelift treatment that’s customized especially for YOU! The Non-surgical Facelift treatment starts with an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and fine, vellus (peach fuzz) hair. Now, your skin is ready for the non-surgical facelift! This technique combines a micro-current with 4 progressive LED light applications, that literally “work out” the face muscles, restoring tone and tautness. No pain, no toxins, no red face! We'll finish with the Korean biomolecular hydrating mask.

Book before May 31st for the special price of $145! And if you’d like to try the mask at home, you can purchase five for the special price of $40.

Email me at, or call me to reserve this specially priced offer at 480-221-8111. (Please leave a message and I will get back to you right away!) Offer ends May 31st.

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Does Stress Affect Our Skin?

December 2nd, 2013 • Posted by Kerry Berman • Permalink


We’re not kidding anybody, stress shows in our facial expressions. But does it have a direct effect on our skin? You bet your epidermis it does!

And there are as many effects of stress on your skin as there are causes, for example:

  • Stress is the number one cause of acne. Breakouts and flare-ups are results from anxiety, tension, and worrying. Manage your stress as proactively as you can.
  • Stress can cause wrinkles. There is a process called glycation that is caused by an overproduction of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. The glycation process breaks down our collagen allowing wrinkles to form.
  • Stress can cause or increase broken capillaries; the increases blood flow caused by stress can cause more.
  • Stress can also cause our skin to become dehydrated. Another gift from the over production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

So how to avoid stressing out over stress? Luckily, there are several very practical, easy preventions.

First of all, avoid dairy if you are prone to acne. There is finally research that confirms my suspicion for years that dairy is a culprit – so lay off the eggnog if you want clearer skin!

Secondly, boost your immune system. Fight free radical damage by taking in as many antioxidants as possible like Vitamins A, C, E, and green tea. (Note that if you’re concerned about broken capillaries – blowing, sneezing, and coughing can break capillaries in the vulnerable area around your nose. Avoid catching colds and treat your allergies.) Eat a diet rich with Omega3 fatty acids. This is an all-around win for your skin and your body!

At lastly, unwind with some stress-busting treatments during the holidays. Not only will it help make your skin look and feel amazing, but it will help with your stress levels too. Check out our Holiday Glow facial special that's running right now!

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A Natural Alternative to Botox?

November 13th, 2013 • Posted by Curtis Rayburn • Permalink

An Apple a Day Keeps the Botox Away!

Are you afraid of Botox? You should be!

Botox is a substance containing the botulinum toxin – basically a poison. Wikipedia states, “Botulinum toxin can cause botulism, a serious and life-threatening illness in humans and animals.”

Botox is most safe when administered by plastic surgeons, but now it’s also being distributed by GPs, salons, and at even in-home “Botox Parties.” There is a misconception taking root too, that diluting Botox will reduce toxicity – refuted in a study by a “World Renown Dermatologist.”

What if there were a safe alternative? Well, good news! Scientists found a rare apple tree native to Switzerland (the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple) whose stems cells show a tremendous ability to rejuvenate themselves. An explant from the leaf of one of these trees was obtained to produce a special anti-aging stem cell extract, creating an anti-aging skin serum.

And now, Sofia Facials and Waxing is featuring three products with this rare extract, IMAGE Skincare’s Ageless the Max, Ageless Max Cream, and Ageless Max Eyecare. So maybe it’s not a “traditional” apple a day, but it’s certainly safer than the alternative! You deserve younger, healthier skin, without the risk of Botox.

Call (480) 221-8111 today to book your customized rejuvenating treatment.

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